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Global247News brings you all the news, all the time. We cover World News, Spain News, Germany News, French News, Australian News, Canadian News, Portugal News, UK News and much much more.

We aim to bring you the latest news from around the world, 24/7.

Our writers cover local and international news as it happens.

Our fast, friendly website is great on desktop to navigate and also fully responsive for Mobile platforms, giving you the best reader experience available.

Contact us via Email for information or to send us your stories that you want covered. We consider every submission for publication.

If you require any further information on advertising rates, again just email us for a fast, professional response.

We can offer high coverage targeted advertising for industry comparable rates.

We do not censor news based on any political bias. If people need to know whats happening around them, we are not afraid to publish articles for their information.
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