Yeovil Town Football Fans Will Burn Down Any New Development At Huish Park Claim.

Somebody posting on social media as Yeovil Court Hotel, has claimed any Hedge Fund proposed development on the current ground at Huish Park will be burnt down by supporters.

Yeovil Court Hotel, owned by the current football club owner, Martin Hellier, is closed for redevelopment. However, it took to social media channel X to claim over the weekend that fans would not accept a new development and would burn it down.

The tweet read:

‘If any YTFC fan would ever consider a ‘London Hedge Fund’ Never in this town. This community, or this club’s life. We’d rather burn it down.’


The tweet came from the Yeovil Court Hotel account, although had the hallmarks of similar tweets from the club chairman himself, especially as the hotel is not in operation and has no staff.

Another tweet on X by the hotel appeared to be self-promotion as it said,’ Hellier delivered, get over it’  before both tweets were deleted.

Although it’s claimed that Hellier delivered in the same week, football finance expert Kieran Maguire revealed the last 12 months of trading by the football club, which revealed that the club is in a dangerous financial position, still being several million pounds in debt. Much of the debt was accumulated by the club’s previous owner, Scott Priestnall, who sold the club to Hellier before the start of the season.

As well as millions of pounds in debt, expected to be ever higher now by taking further loans from Hellier as it attempts to drag itself out of the lowly National League South, a league mainly competed by part-time run clubs, whilst Yeovil decided the more expensive decision to remain full time in an attempt to bounce back first time to the National Leauge, the club has sold it’s ground and surrounding land to the local council.

The Somerset Council rents the ground back to the club at approximately 50k per quarter, requesting upfront payments. The club has time to purchase the ground and surrounding land for 2.8 million pounds. However, the clock is running down for the club to find the 2.8 million and service its large debts.

The current agreement sees a 6% return to the Council, although the Council itself is too on the verge of Bankruptcy, having to attempt to sell off assets to survive.

As the time runs down for the club to complete a 2.8 million pound payment, A London-based hedge fund is waiting to purchase the land directly from the council to develop a hotel and several eateries and retail units on the site.

A deal the Council desperately needs to find funding as it battles bankruptcy itself, which it blames on lack of Government funding from Westminster.





Meanwhile, the relationship between the Council and the club owner has been fractious, as Hellier lashed out at Councillors too on social media.

It’s understood the Somerset Council wishes the football ground to be moved out of the town to an area known as Cargate. A deal with the Hedge Fund will involve them building a new community multi-purpose council-owned stadium that will include football. However, other sites are under consideration on Lysander Road or possibly the town centre, which is considered the former cattle market.

These were the options previously offered to potential owners of Simul Sports Ltd, including multi-millionaire Damien Singh.

Singh and his counterpart Julian Jenkins made several attempts to purchase the club, firstly as Simul Sports Ltd with a consortium including a property developer, intent on building the club a new ground themselves, then when Simul was dissolved as developers pulled out due to previous owner Priestnall ‘moving the goal posts’ on several occasions, Singh and Jenkins, went to the line, although refused to match Hellier’s offer, which held far more personal gain for the former owner Preistnall.

Hellier’s large offer was accepted by Priestnall, with Hellier becoming responsible for the club’s large debts as he took over the club and having to advance loans into the club for it to remain a full-time outfit and attempt to get out of the mainly part-time league at its first attempt, loans which would have increased the club’s debts further from the latest set of accounts for the previous year.

However, the latest reported accounts at Companies House for Hellier’s main holding company only recorded a profit of 600k, with a 50% drop in turnover. The company blamed the drop in turnover and profits on ‘technology changes.’

Latest Accounts Show Profit Of 600k


Now it appears the person tweeting as ‘ Yeovil Court’ resents the possible purchase of the council land, which will include the development of a hotel and claims they will burn it down.

A spokesperson for the Hedge Fund in Canary Wharf told Global247news how they were aware of the threats, saying:

‘ We are aware of the puerile threat at this stage. While the time limit for the club to re-purchase the land is still in play, we have no comment. We shall make the appropriate advances when the time limit runs out.’

It’s been a controversial first season for Hellier as he entered the football business.

As he attempted to purchase the club, he had numerous spats on social media with other football club owners, Somerset Councillors, and fans, often threatening violence.

At the season’s first away game, he was filmed getting aggressive with the club’s supporters. This brought about a grovelling public apology for his behaviour on the opening season weekend.

As the New Year commenced, he was filmed brawling with a teenage supporter in a local pub.

On social media, his behaviour has been atrocious to many, mostly the club’s supporters, whilst at the same time accused of racist slurs, threats to kill, and harassment, which is currently under investigation by both the Football Association based in Wembley and the Avon & Somerset Police Force, that could potentially see him banned from the football industry.

Meanwhile, allegations were made on social media of him harassing club staff with sexual advances and lewd comments.




On the pitch, the club sits at the top of the National League South and is likely to be promoted back to the National League; whilst this will be deemed rightfully a success, the bigger picture is that the club will further have to invest heavily in the playing squad to remain in the full-time National League, as well as servicing its current debts and finding 2.8 million to pay back the Council for its stadium and land.



Whilst the club’s loyal supporters, after seasons of neglect as the club slid season after season from the heights of the Championship all the way down to the lowly National League South, enjoy short-term success on the pitch, the future doesn’t look that bright, feel some fans.

‘ I can see us losing our ground, our home and moving out of town; doing that could kill the club; you only have to look at what happened to Weymouth when they moved out of town.

‘ I try not to think about it and enjoy the current football, but the finances and agreements and the Chairman’s behaviour make you think.’ said one fan as he prepared for today’s match against local rivals Weymouth.

Another said, boarding the train to the match:

‘ Unless further investment comes in, it’s a ticking time bomb; Hellier lacks the money. Looking at the financial records, I can’t see, like many others, how we can repurchase our ground, and the Chairman’s behaviour leaves a lot to be desired. This latest claim we would burn down the development is pathetic; Yeovil fans don’t act like that; it’s a very wild claim and, once again, embarrasses the fans primarily, as well as himself or whoever made the threat.

‘ You don’t have to be an accountant to work out the finances, but as a fan, I just follow the team; it’s easier that way. Hopefully, we will get a win today against the Muff.’