The Premier League has reportedly written to its clubs to warn them of the potential of a terror attack following comments made by Islamic State spokesperson Abu Hudhaifa al-Ansari.

Moscow was recently attacked, with at least 137 people gunned down by four men – who have since been charged with terrorism.

After the attack, Islamic State took responsibility, with the group then calling for ‘lone wolves’ to target Christians and Jews across Europe, America and Israel during the month of Ramadan.

The Premier League has now written to its clubs to provide guidance.

It’s said those based in London have been told to ‘be on their guard’ after an Iranian journalist was stabbed in the capital.

Counter-terrorism officers are investigating the incident.

Ahead of the Easter fixtures on Saturday morning, top-flight teams were urged to ‘increase vigilance’.

They have also been called to increase reporting of any suspicious activity and urged to issue briefings to staff to ensure they are aware of the situation.

Teams were informed that the attack on Moscow was a recent example of the large complex attacks still taking place in the Western world.’

Following the tragedy in Russia, the threat level in France was increased.

The UK closely monitors the situation, with the current terror threat level ‘substantial’.

On Saturday, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said dangers have risen ‘to a new level’ ahead of the European Championships in the country this summer.