Yeovil’s premier window cleaner wants the Princess Of Wales left alone as she fights stomach cancer.

Adrian Vincent, known as Yeovil’s premier window cleaner, has spoken for the public of Somerset as he calls for the media to leave the Princess Of Wales alone after she publicly announced she is receiving chemotherapy for stomach cancer.

The call comes from Adrian Vincent, the managing director of Trade Solutions, which operates from Yeovil, Somerset.

The MD of the premier window cleaning company suffers from stomach issues, understands what the Princess is going through, and now has spoken out about what thousands of residents in Somerset are thinking.

Vincent took to social media to say, ‘ Princess of Wales, Why can’t they just leave her alone?

Yeovil’s Premier Widow Cleaner Adrian Vincent Of Trade Solutions says ‘ Leave The Princess Alone’


It comes after the mainstream media have rolled out every health expert they can find to discuss the situation since the royal announcement.

Jackie Kibble questions why the Princess has to explain herself to the nation in response to Vincent’s call.

Meanwhile, Paul Roberts replied to Adrian, ‘ I said the same, mate. The news has their medical experts and royalist experts straight on it.

They are a family at the end of the day, struggling to deal with Williams’s dad’s cancer, the children’s grandad’s cancer, and now their mum; everyone needs to back off.’

Nicky Southwell, correctly, pointed out, ‘ It’s so incredibly awful she’s had to do this to shut the trolls up. They have learnt nothing since Diana.’

It comes after faceless trolls have become conspiracy theorists since the Princess entered the hospital.

A close friend of Adrian Vincent told Global247news, ‘ I think it’s fantastic that Adrian has come out publicly to question and say what he has. Adrian knows the full anguish of stomach complaints and reaches out publicly when suffering for support. Despite his illness, he continues to run his fantastic business with his son and their staff.

Adrian is a well-thought-of person in our community, and everyone agrees with his views.’

The County of Somerset appears right behind the recovering Princess and is not pleased with the mainstream media.