Ukrainians suspect Putin Ordered His People To Be Shot For World Sympathy.

As the world reels from over 130 people being shot at a concert in Moscow last night, Ukrainian people feel it could have been staged by the Russian leader himself to gain world sympathy, stating it wouldn’t be the first time.

Over 130 people were shot dead last night at a Moscow-held rock concert, where security was non-existent, and the response by the police and other forces was delayed despite being based nearby, just two minutes away.

Whilst ISIS is reported to have claimed the slaying, Ukrainian people feel the killings were staged and managed by Russia in an attempt to gain back world sympathy.

In Kyiv, Vladamir Zazalana told Global247news, ‘ This is staged and managed again by Russia, and it wouldn’t be the first time Putin has done such things. He’s ordered it many times, but the people in the West don’t get to see what Russia do for propaganda purposes.

‘Those gunmen had full access and all the time in the world to shoot all those people without being challenged. Do people believe you can walk around Moscow with machine guns and go undetected?

‘Of course not, it’s impossible; look at the lack of security and response times; they knew what was happening and would have had orders not to react. Putin is a madman, and this is the type of thing he does to his people for publicity purposes.

‘They even go as far as shooting their soldiers for not following orders as they did last year; it’s not just me who thinks this; thousands here do, but you don’t get to hear our voices as everyone is scared of upsetting Putin and his hierarchy.’  he claimed.

Although despite the Ukrainian claims, the US Embassy claim they warned of an Islamic attack pending by ISIS.