Spain’s National Court ordered the ban of Telegram, the country’s fourth-most-used messaging service, on March 22.

FACUA (an NGO for the defence of consumer rights) released a statement that Telegram will be banned approximately as of March 23: “in the upcoming hours or days.”

The Court made the decision based on copyright infringement claims from companies including Mediaset, Atresmedia, and Movistar Plus. The businesses declared that Telegram was allowing users to upload content without permission.

To the nation´s shock, Spain now joins North Korea, China, Iran, and Pakistan as one of the countries where Telegram use is prohibited.

As a result, TON (Toncoin); a decentralised blockchain developed by Telegram, has tumbled in price from 5 per cent within hours.

Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, stated that the ban would cause “enormous harm” to millions of users.

No information has been given about how long the application will be inaccessible, except that it has to be banned until a further investigation is carried out.