Residents of the idyllic seaside town of Leigh-on-Sea find themselves trapped in what they describe as a nightmarish ordeal due to an unexpected invasion of badgers in their vicinity.

This unwelcome intrusion has led to a cascade of concerns among property owners, who now contend with the unsettling reality of these burrowing creatures digging tunnels beneath their homes. Their anxiety is palpable as they witness the encroachment of these animals into their tranquil community, sparking apprehensions about the structural integrity of both roads and residences alike.


Adding to the distress is the realisation that badgers, a protected species in the UK, are shielded by regulations prohibiting their relocation between November and July. This legal safeguard, while intended to preserve wildlife, inadvertently exacerbates the predicament faced by Leigh-on-Sea residents. Plans for essential road repairs, vital for addressing the town’s deteriorating infrastructure, have been abruptly halted by the local council due to the presence of these protected animals.


However, residents in Somerset and Dorset have a far larger population of Badgers than Leigh On Sea and have come out to tell the residents of the seaside town to ‘man up.’

‘Are these people for real?’ asked David Watkins from Sherborne,’ I have at least 15 badger sets on my land, and they do no harm whatsoever; badgers are lovely animals.

‘To blame them for holding up roadworks is pathetic – wildlife should always come first; these types of moaners should ‘man up’ and enjoy nature instead of thinking about bloody roadworks being delayed.’

Meanwhile, animal lover Kate Travis of Yeovil also defended the badger:’ Badgers are beautiful animals and should always be protected. What next are the snobs in Leigh On Sea going to complain about? Butterflies on their garden plants?’ she stormed.