The Pilgrim Hotel Canterbury Review.

As journalists at Global247news, we travel around, staying in hotels most nights. We always look for good deals in different European locations, wherever the news is.

Today’s review is of the Pilgrim Hotel In Canterbury.

We booked a single room for £65 at the Pilgrim Hotel. The room was listed as a single room with a single bed, TV and an ensuite bathroom with a shower.

The hotel is located near the train station, just a 9-minute walk. In the heart of Canterbury, it’s surrounded by many bars and restaurants, within easy walking distance.

The hotel itself has a large bar area, although it was empty, probably because of the lack of drink options, especially the beer section, mixed with the fact that a bar needs a bartender to serve, and there was no staff insight.

The check-in area and staff were also hard to find. In the end, it appeared that it was just the young Indian girl running the complete show. She was charming, but if she’s showing someone to a room, you won’t be able to check in or buy a drink.



Personally, I opted to drop my bags in the room after walking two flights of narrow stairs ( no disabled access) and, go and check out the pending news story, and enquire in the local pubs.

I found a Wetherspoons, but it has to be one of the worst I’ve been in for a while, nothing wrong with the location, just a poor selection of real ale unlike others.

Thankfully, the street has plenty of choice, and some good public houses were found.

I gathered the information I was looking for and headed back to my room to watch TV and write my investigation report for our Editor.

However, as I lay on the bed, the TV was going to be a no-go, as the TV had no signal—well, it did unless you moved, so unless you want to watch the News or a Movie as if you were lying in your coffin, don’t get your hopes up; you are better off staying in the pubs.

Anyway, I filed my report. Unlike others, the WIFI was fast and sound, with an easy passcode, and I rested my head on the pillow.

The bed was very comfortable, and it wasn’t long to sleep.

Waking up at 5.50 AM as I had a busy travelling day ahead, I looked forward to the first coffee of the day and a nice warm shower to set me up for the day.

The coffee supply is fine in the rooms, and plenty of milk is available.

Great! Now it was shower time to freshen up and wake up, as I couldn’t watch any TV as there was still no signal on movement.

That was when I decided I would not stay here again – the ensuite bathroom.

The shower wasn’t accurate; it was one connected to the taps that allowed you to stand in the bath. The only issue is that you can’t stand in the tub if you are over 12 months old.

There’s no height, so you have to sit in the bath when you finally crouch down to get in and then have your shower sat down; one advantage is the TV came on, so I could hear the news!

Once you’ve had your sit-down shower, the problem then comes having to get out; you can’t stand up. Eventually, I had to slide my ass onto the side of the bath and swing my legs over the side; it’s no easy feat!

Breakfast is included, but it’s only continental, so I skipped that and headed to the nearby cafe.

Overall, it was a clean room, TV, no signal, No accurate shower, bathroom access nearly impossible and many stairs to the rooms, although this wasn’t an issue for me.

It’s not the worst. I’ve stayed by a long chalk, but I would only return if nothing else is available locally.