A vehicle with UK license plates in Mallorca caught the eye of Local Police, which led them to investigate further.

On Wednesday, February 28, Palma’s Local Police discovered a vehicle with a forged UK license plate.

The car was tucked away in a parking bay reserved for individuals with disabilities on Conqueridor Street

.The vehicle, a Mercedes ML320, also displayed a UK disability permit. Doubts were raised, leading to checks against the UK’s traffic registry, which revealed no record of the vehicle, confirming the officer’s suspicions.

Further investigation through Spain’s General Directorate of Traffic database showed the car was registered in Spain and its British owner’s residence on the eastern peninsula. Further checks also revealed that the vehicle lacked the necessary insurance and had bypassed mandatory technical checks for years.

This discovery, indicative of a possible public document forgery and numerous traffic infractions, prompted police action. Officers confiscated the counterfeit plates, and a tow truck dispatched the vehicle to the sa Riera storage facility. This incident underscores the vigilance of Palma’s authorities in combating fraud and maintaining public safety, as well as highlighting the risks of trying to sidestep traffic laws.