Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has been labelled a “dinosaur” after making a sexist comment towards a female reporter at the end of a post-match interview.

Rodgers spoke to BBC Scotland’s Jane Lewis after Celtic’s dramatic 3-1 Scottish Premiership comeback win at Motherwell.

In his answer, which began the tense exchange, Rodgers said: “To get the win was important for us, psychologically, and for our football. It was another game to convince me that the goals and creativity would be there when we played how we could. So I’m delighted for the players because, as I’ve said, there’s a story being written about this group so that we will write our own story.”

Rodgers was irked when Lewis asked him to explain what he meant by “the story has already been written”. Asked to elaborate, he responded: “No, no, you know exactly what I mean.”

When Lewis asked again, Rodgers ended the interview by saying, “Are we done? Good girl, well done.”

The experienced Lewis was unfazed, but a spokesperson for the Scottish Feminist Network said: “Jane Lewis was just doing her job, trying to extract an explanation from Brendan Rodgers on his cryptic comment. That the go-to attitude was condescension is quite illuminating but very depressing in 2024.

“We thought dinosaurs were extinct.”

Lewis regularly reports on football, presenting Scottish Women’s Premier League coverage on the BBC and appearing on the Scottish Football Podcast.

For Women Scotland called on Rodgers to apologise to Lewis, saying: “It’s depressing that casual sexism is still embedded in sport. Women’s achievements are underrated and dismissed, and their professional status is undermined. Rodgers owes the reporter an apology.”

Although football fans across the globe feel the woman is being too dramatic and sensitive.