JF Law File Against Yeovil Paedophile Geoffrey Highfield.

JF law has filed at the High Court for compensation against Yeovil Paedophile Geoffrey Highfield of 65 Rowan Way, Yeovil, Somerset.

Highfield is alleged to have groomed a 14-year-old boy in 1982 and tried to force him to have sex with his stepdaughter under duress whilst standing outside the bedroom door, documents reveal. It’s also claimed Highfield raped and sexually abused his stepdaughter between the ages of 14-19.

The historic sex abuse and other actions of Geoffrey Highfield are now also under investigation by Avon And Somerset Police currently.

JF Law, based in Liverpool, specialise in compensation claims against paedophiles and child molesters.

After instructing JF Law, the man suing Highfield is urging any other victims of Geoffrey Highfield to come forward.

Speaking to Global247news, he advised others not to be afraid to come forward and to report matters to the police as well as make a compensation claim.

‘ Whilst I know it is a daunting task, I will assist any other victims in the process of both making a claim and reporting the matter to the police. The police have advised me, and they have, I have to say, been exceptional, despite a few twists and turns along the way as Highfield attempts to mask his historical past of rape, child molestation, grooming minors and sexual abuse.

‘This disgusting man needs to be brought to justice as well as pay for his horrific sexual crimes’, he finished.

Meanwhile, it is understood Highfield, in an attempt to mask his actions, had the audacity to claim to the police that he was being blackmailed after being served with a 14-day notice of High Court action against him, which is standard protocol in such actions.

In documentation seen by Global247news, admissions to Highfield’s actions from his victims were presented to the police whilst defending against the allegation of the child molester.

Documents prepared for the high court claim state how the child molester groomed the young boy and how Geoffrey Highfield groomed and took a 14-year-old boy to his home address at 65 Rowan Way, Yeovil, Somerset.

Arriving at the address, the victim states how the child molester’s stepdaughter was sitting on her bed ‘ dressed up in a short black and white short skirt and low cut top, where Highfield took the young boy to the bedroom and told the two to have sexual intercourse, whilst Highfield listened outside the door, before driving the young boy home, before his wife, returning home from work. The victim claims they pretended to have sexual intercourse to satisfy Highfield’s desires on that occasion, whilst claiming after that the sex monster went on to rape and sexually abuse his stepdaughter for several years, to which she admits, whilst he continued to be groomed on several other occasions, claiming Highfield abused him, to cover the sordid tracks of his molestation of the stepdaughter.

While the civil claim has been entered into the High Court by JF Law, Avon and Somerset Police have commenced a full investigation into Geoffrey Highfield, fuelled by written evidence from several parties.