In a five-day January campaign, in which school transport was targeted, Spanish authorities clocked 1,781 infractions of the 2,799 vehicles that were checked.

Between January 22 and 26, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), in collaboration with the Guardia Civil, embarked on a rigorous inspection campaign which targeted school and children’s transportation services.

The operation revealed that many vehicles failed to meet legal standards. Of 2,799 vehicles inspected, 1,014 faced penalties, resulting in 1,781 contraventions.

Most of these were due to administrative oversights, such as 629 vehicles lacking the necessary special authorisation for school transport and 330 missing essential unlimited liability insurance.

Regarding safety, the inspectors noted that only twelve vehicles were not utilising their seat belts due to malfunctions.

None of the school transport drivers were found to have alcohol in their systems, although six did test positive for other drugs. Speeding was another concern, with 22 drivers penalised for exceeding limits.

The inspections also highlighted technical issues, including 59 vehicles with defective service and emergency doors and 15 without a current Technical Vehicle Inspection.

Additionally, 84 vehicles missed the mandatory V-10 school transport sign, and 14 lacked the necessary emergency light device.

The campaign further identified 36 drivers for not having a designated children’s supervisor on board and 26 for infringing driving time regulations.

This comprehensive surveillance effort underscores the urgent need for stringent transport regulation adherence, ensuring our youngest commuters’ safety.