An Italian mafia boss who escaped imprisonment was arrested while having a romantic dinner in France.

Marco Raduano, one of the leaders of “Societá Foggia” (“Foggia Society”), was on Europol´s list of the most wanted criminals in the world. ¨Foggia Society¨ is a well-known Italian criminal cartel famous for its brutality. The cartel is engaged in drug dealing, arms trafficking, extortion and gambling. To deal with more sufficiency, “Foggia Society” controls the judicial sector and has remained one of the most influential mafia cartels on the Apennine Peninsula for several decades. The area where the mafia is active resides under its absolute control.

Marco Raduano has a long history of criminal cases, which he committed from a young age. His criminal baggage includes drug dealing, extortion, robbery and participation in the criminal association. Marco Raduano also led a rebellion that sparked a Mafia war in one of the mafia-controlled regions of Italy.

After a long history of escaping from the police, Marco Raduano was finally detained and has been serving a 24-year sentence for drug trafficking and other crimes in one of the most secure prisons in Italy. Later, he escaped through the window just using the bed sheets from his prison cell. The surveillance cameras caught him; however, he ran away with no guards noticing, leading to increased maximum security checks in prison. In February 2024, Marco Raduano was caught at a luxurious restaurant in Corsica during a romantic dinner with a young female partner.


Italian authorities also announced that another “Societá foggiana¨ member and a close ally of Marco Raduano, Gianluigi Troiano, was detained in Granada, Southern Spain. Gianluigi Troiano fled house arrest in 2021 after detaching the tracking bracelet.

Criminal cartels have been affecting social, economic and political life in Italy since the 19th century and are still incredibly active in the southern part of the Apennine Peninsula. The most powerful was “Costa Nostra” in Sicily in the 19th century. Nowadays, the most dominant and especially dangerous are: “Stidda” in Sicily, “Sacra Corona Unita”, and “Societá Foggia”.

Not the end

Police sources are transparent that the imprisonment of mafia leaders will not put an end to the existence of the cartel network, as every leader has a potential successor who will sooner or later replace him. However, by detaining the most powerful in the mafia structure, the police show the whole cartel that “everyone can be caught”.