A 10-year-old girl from Edinburgh Grace has received a generous reward for campaigning to bring back her beloved haggis crisps.

The niche flavour snack had been removed from supermarket shelves.

When Grace discovered that her favourite haggis and black pepper-flavoured crisps, made by Taylors Snacks (formerly Mackie’s Crisps), were no longer available due to the company’s decision to limit production to winter months, she took matters into her own hands.

Grace penned a heartfelt letter to the managing director of Taylor Snacks, expressing her love for the crisps and advocating for their availability year-round.

She also gently warned Crisps’ boss, James Taylor, that she would be disappointed if her request was not fulfilled.

Impressed by Grace’s enthusiasm and initiative, Mr Taylor and his team decided to respond meaningfully.

Grace was rewarded with a year’s supply of her favourite crisps, a taxi filled with haggis and black pepper-flavoured crisps, and a ticket for a tour of the Taylor factory.Grace’ss mother, Becky, expressed gratitude for TaylorSnacks” response.

Mr Taylor acknowledged thatGrace’ss letter was not the only feedback received regarding the discontinued flavour, and he expressed appreciation for the outpouring of support from customers who also missed the haggis and black pepper crisps.