EasyJet has been given top marks by the Climate Disclosure Project (CDP).

In February 2024, easyJet demonstrated its commitment to the environment, receiving a notable A- grade from CDP for its environmental efforts. In February 2024, easyJet showed its commitment to the environment, receiving a noteworthy A-grade from CDP for its ecological efforts.

On this occasion, the international non-profit CDP, known for its rigorous environmental impact assessments, acknowledged easyJet’s significant strides in diminishing its carbon footprint.

This accolade, announced in February 2024, places easyJet among the elite airlines prioritising sustainability. The carrier’s transparent and practical strategies have earned it top marks, affirming its dedication to becoming net zero by 2050.

‘We are delighted to have been awarded an A- rating by CDP, a true testament to the hard work we are all doing at easyJet to ensure that our SBTi-validated 2035 carbon reduction target is met and our aim to be net-zero by 2050 is realised,’ stated Jane Ashton, Sustainability Director at easyJet.

‘Decarbonising aviation continues to be a major undertaking and focus, which is why easyJet continues to take vital steps not only to safeguard the sector’s benefits but also to ensure that we do all we can to minimise our impact,’ she added.

This recognition by CDP complements easyJet’s high evaluations from other agencies like MSCI and FTSE4Good, further solidifying its environmental stewardship status.

The airline’s commitment to innovation is evident in its recent operational enhancements. By adopting Descent Profile Optimisation software, easyJet has successfully cut fuel consumption by approximately 50kg per flight.

Moreover, the introduction of A320neo family aircraft, which are 13 per cent more fuel-efficient and notably quieter, exemplifies easyJet’s forward-thinking approach.

EasyJet’s investment in future technologies, particularly hydrogen-powered aircraft, marks a critical step towards decarbonisation. Partnerships with industry leaders such as Airbus and Rolls-Royce highlight the airline’s proactive role in shaping a sustainable aviation sector.

As a founding member of the Aviation Alliance, Easy Jet is at the forefront of developing the necessary infrastructure to support hydrogen aircraft operations.