Botham wins over £10,000 after being sacked by Martin Hellier Company Criteria Internet Services Limited.

Government records have been published that a member of the Botham family has won a court case against Criteria Internet Services Limited, owned by Yeovil Town Football Club Chairman Martin Hellier.

Criteria Internet Services Limited, that companies house recorded a 50% turnover drop from circa 14 million to just 7 million, and the main money-making company of holding company  Hellier Trading Ltd, has been ordered to pay over £10,000 to MS J Botham.

Botham won the case for unfair dismissal, Court records show. Following her constructive dismissal on 17 August 2022,

Court records state:

Botham pursued self-employment. She went to the Job Centre at the end
of September 2022 when her options were discussed. The Claimant, with
support from the Job Centre, including assistance from a work coach,
decided to set up a business. She undertook training in November 2022
and is now a Specialist Exercise Instructor, working with older adults in
care homes.
2. The Claimant gave evidence that following her period of training in
November 2022, she marketed her business in December. She contacted
between 20 and 30 care homes and in January, delivered free taster
sessions to those who responded to her approach. In February 2023 she
started to get paid for this venture. However her earnings have been very
low, and indeed, after initially making a small profit, in recent months she
had made losses.
3. When asked why she had chosen to become self-employed, the Claimant
stated that she felt she could no longer work for someone else in an office
due to the traumatic experience she had been through with the
Respondent. It was put to the Claimant that she has chosen a niche
market, which presents several challenges. The Claimant’s response was
that due to her experience with the Respondent, she felt that, for herself
as a person, it was best to go down the self-employed route.
4. When asked why she did not consider applying for administrative roles,
the Claimant stated that she was not prepared to go through a similar
experience to that which she had working for the Respondent.
5. On the Claimant’s behalf, it was submitted that she had acted reasonably
as she had actively sought guidance from the Job Centre and been
supported by a work coach. The validity of the job search carried out on
behalf of the Respondent (see below) was questionable, given the
passage of time since the Claimant’s dismissal, as was the suitability of
some of the roles.
6. The Claimant had sustained financial loss since the date of her dismissal,
which was ongoing. Past losses as set out in the Schedule of Loss were
claimed, and future losses in so far as the Tribunal was permitted to award
them. It was submitted that in the circumstances of ongoing loss, the
Statutory Cap (52 weeks’ gross pay) should not apply.
7. The respondent called Mr Harry Durston, Trainee Solicitor at Mogers
Drewett LLP. He confirmed, as set out in his witness statement that he
had undertaken job searches on a weekly basis between 22 June 2023
and 20 August 2023 for administrator roles within a 10 mile radius of
Melksham, which paid in the region of £30,000. The roles he had found
were included in the Tribunal bundle.

After reporting the traumatic experience of working for Martin Hellier, Botham was awarded over £10,000 for her unfair dismissal.

Hellier, who recently purchased Yeovil Town Football Club, was this week reported to Avon And Somerset Police for threatening to murder a man and his partner, as well as their children, he has since removed himself from social media after stating he’s now ready to sell the football club.

The full tribunal hearing, now published can be read here