Martin Hellier threatened to dig up a dead baby and urinate on her remains.

Martin Hellier, the football club chairman of Yeovil Town, has threatened to deface a headstone in Yeovil and to dig up the grave of a child and urinate on its remains.

As earlier reported, Martin Hellier harassed a businessman whilst threatening to kill him and his partner.

During the harassment, which lasted more than over 15 hours, according to the man being harassed, the football club chairman and managing director of the Hellier Group became very abusive and tried to make him lose his temper.

Firstly Hellier turned to the man’s late father, who was a popular character in Yeovil; Hellier claimed he was ‘going to piss all over his ashes.’

The comment regarding the father’s ashes, after 4 hours of constant threats and abuse from Hellier, was enough for the man to follow Hellier’s requests to call him. When he did, Hellier went even lower in his abuse, according to the victim,  who told Global247news:

‘After the texts about my father’s ashes, I did call him.  I found a very drunk man on the end of the phone who instantly started to tell me he was going to kill me. My partner and her two children, then he said once he had finished us off and we were cold, he would firstly piss on my dad’s ashes whilst defacing my daughter’s headstone, and then he said he would dig her up and piss on her remains.

Chairman Hellier of the Hellier Group And Yeovil Town Football Club is alleged to have threatened to deface a headstone and dig up remains before urinating on them.

‘ He knew about my dead daughter as we held the wake at the Arrow pub in Yeovil in the 90s when he was the barman there.

‘ It really was the lowest he could go, but I guess that shows the character of the man; yes, he was off his face on drink and probably other substances, but that still is no excuse – the matter is now with the police.

The police investigation continues against Hellier, who has actively been on social media today with continued posts and deleting others where he’s been venting his anger.

Although the police advised that anything he thinks he’s deleted, they can still trace.

However, despite the previous night’s comments, under the influence, Hellier this morning showed no sign of remorse.

Instead, he changed tact to say his fellow director and lawyer was going to prosecute the man for pushing him to the brink of suicide as he once again bombarded the man with text messages. At the same time, posting a video on YouTube where the man loses his rag as internet trolls start vile abuse commenting on his deceased daughter.

Rhys Rosser, the club director appointed by Hellier after assisting in Hellier’s purchase of Yeovil Town, acts as a lawyer for Hellier; as of yet, he has made no communication or comment regarding his client’s actions.