Yeovil Town Football Chairman Martin Hellier reported to Avon & Somerset police for issuing death threats.

Martin Hellier, the outspoken chairman of Yeovil Town Football Club, has been reported to the police for telling a businessman that he was going to kill both him and his partner.

Avon & Somerset police received the report today after Hellier started harassing the businessman at 6.15 PM yesterday evening until 9.30 AM today.

It’s understood the businessman was in a meeting in Wolverhampton when Hellier continued to dial him constantly before reverting to text messages to tell the businessman he and his partner were going to be killed by Hellier.

In text messages that have been seen by Global247news, Hellier, on many occasions, tells how he’s going to kill the businessman and his ‘ Slavic whore’ referencing his partner, whilst telling the businessman he was a dead man and how Hellier was going to ‘bury him’ and his partner.

As well as death threats made to the businessman, on numerous occasions, Hellier abused the businessman, telling him he was going to ‘piss all over his late father’s ashes.’

At the same time, Hellier posted on a social media channel, Facebook, asking for the businessman’s address and stating again how he would ‘ piss on his father’s ashes’ – a post he later removed.

Whilst the businessman requested Hellier to stop and advised him to get medical treatment, Hellier failed to do so and harassed the businessman until the following day.

The matter has now been handed over to the Avon & Somerset police, who are currently investigating Hellier’s actions of threatening to kill, harassing, and misuse the Communications Act, which could see a jail term for the football club chairman, especially for the offence of threatening to kill.

The businessman who was the subject of the threats and attack has told Global247news this evening from Aberdeen.

‘ I have handed all the evidence over to the police to deal with, which includes voicemails and numerous text messages from Martin Hellier; I did speak to him, to which he volleyed abuse; he sounded very drunk, even on his voicemails in the early evening, I have every faith in the police to deal with this matter and to take the matter to the Crown Prosecution Service for conviction.

‘I don’t feel it’s acceptable for anybody to threaten another’s life; the law can deal with him; once he’s prosecuted, the FA wish me to report him so they can deal with the matter of him being a football club chairman.

‘As for his abuse to my late daughter and father, it was disgusting and of the lowest order; until the police have fully dealt with the matter, I won’t be saying any more about his threats to kill my partner and me; it’s in their hands now to prosecute Hellier.

‘ Although even this morning, he continued yet again, when he had sobered up, another threat to kill, telling me I was dead’.


It’s not the first occasion Hellier’s behaviour has been in question, having abused and threatened other football club owners previously as well as local councillors and football fans of Yeovil Town.

Away from his verbal bullying and aggression on social media channels, Hellier has been involved in after-match bar brawls, as previously reported.

Hellier Brawling At The Bell Inn After Match


Although some fans appear to have found the matter amusing, local estate agent Howard Wills from TowerWills estate agency in the town was one of the prominent people who replied to Hellier’s abusive Facebook posts.

Hellier has confirmed, though, that he is selling the club, telling supporters after the club’s loss on the weekend that he wishes to sell at the end of the season, despite only buying the club recently. The club, which is massively in debt, will again be on the market if it can find a buyer prepared to cover the massive losses.

The majority of the fans appear to be hoping Hellier can find a buyer to rid him of the club.

‘ He hasn’t got the money, he’s been a total embarrassment to the club and as we said at a Trust meeting, him buying the club was always a disaster waiting to happen. This latest episode under the Hellier reign of him threatening to kill people is one step too far; the majority who aren’t his hangers-on will be glad to see the back of Martin Hellier,’ said the Trust member.