A routine flight from Oslo to Manchester was in a critical situation requiring military intervention.

On Monday, February 5, the Royal Air Force dispatched two Typhoon fighters to intercept Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK 4609 after it lost communication with air traffic control.

The incident, which unfolded in the early morning, led to the aircraft being safely guided to Manchester Airport.

The airport authorities have since confirmed the safe landing and highlighted the well-established protocols for handling such situations.

It is standard procedure for planes with difficulties like communication loss to be escorted to their destination, confirmed an airport spokesperson, reinforcing the commitment to passenger safety.

The swift action by the RAF underscores their readiness to respond at a moment’s notice to various aerial incidents, including communication failures or unauthorised aircraft entering UK airspace.

Reportedly, the Royal Air Force is looking into the matter, further demonstrating the ongoing efforts to maintain airspace security.

This recent occurrence is not an isolated event, as RAF Typhoon crews regularly conduct interceptions to protect UK airspace.

Previous incidents, such as the diversion of a Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi to Heathrow, which was escorted to Stansted Airport by RAF Typhoons in October, highlight the critical role of these fighter jets in national security.

The interception of Scandinavian Airlines aircraft underscores the importance of seamless cooperation between military and civilian aviation authorities to ensure the safety and security of air travel.