Yeovil Town’s new badge is a disaster, say its supporters, as fans of rival clubs fall about laughing!

Yeovil Town Football Club launched its new badge to its loyal supporters today, although it hasn’t gone down well with the club’s fans.

Fans of rival clubs are finding it hilarious as the club made its launch on social media.

The badge was launched prior to this evening’s home game against Slough, which, according to many, was a PR media disaster in its own making.

The badge, which looks like something you would see on the back of a religious person’s car, is supposed to represent the club’s history and its nickname, ‘ The Glovers, ‘ which is related to the town’s history of glove making. However, the new design shows no gloves but resembles the religious feeding of the 5,000 with Jesus lifting a load of bread.

According to the club, it’s backed by consultation with its supporters, although it appears the consultation was held at Sunday church looking at the awful design.

One supporter told Global247news this evening, whilst on his way to the match, ‘ It looks like something you would knock up out of sticky back plastic to win a Blue Peter badge; it’s awful, and to think the club paid someone to design it’ he stormed.

Whilst another said: ‘ Jesus Christ, it’s shocking, what on earth were the club thinking changing to that, there was nothing wrong we the current one but if we have to have a new one we could have last knocked up something with a bit of quality!’

Both supporters didn’t wish to be named for fear of being banned from the club for voicing a different opinion from the club’s current owner, which has seen other supporters like John Oakes banned from the club.

Oakes warned on X/ formerly Twitter: ‘ A standard warning to all YTFC fans- if you don’t like the new badge, you can expect to be banned. There is no place for dissension or anything other than zealous approval of the actions of MH Private Limited Company’ referencing the fact these days at Huish Park; you are likely to be banned as the current bar-brawling owner, Martin Hellier tells everyone it’s his club.

Controversial Hellier, masquerading as a responsible football club owner appears to have shot himself in the foot again, with the choice of badge, although it’s delighted fans elsewhere.

Weymouth supporter Giles Warring, said ‘ Whilst they are buying their way out of the league at present, it looks like another reason how it will all end in tears for Yeovil Town as their history is ripped up piece by piece, whats next changing their colour or name?’ he chuckled.

Finishing off with ‘ My phone hasn’t stopped ringing the lads are laughing their heads off’

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