Adam Dance is dancing ahead in the election poll to be the next MP for Yeovil.

Adam Dance, a local councillor who has decided to challenge Yeovil’s current MP, Tory Marcus Fysh, to be the MP for Yeovil, appears to be dancing ahead of the opposition.

In a current poll on a Facebook group known as ‘Yeovil Real News And Share Your Views’ where a poll is currently running, Dance leads the race to Westminster, holding 92% of the vote, whilst the Green Party’s Serena Wooton and the current MP Fysh lag behind at 4% share of the vote each.

While there is a long way to go before the General Election is called this year, Marcus Fysh’s reign over Yeovil appears controversial.

Fysh, whose primary residence is in Hook in Hampshire, although he rents a small flat in the Yeovil area for public relations appearances, has had two terms in office as the Yeovil MP. However, many residents claim he has done nothing for the region at all whilst MP.

Now, residents are rejoicing at the current standings of Dance in the poll.

‘It’s a good sign of what’s hopefully to come – a local lad standing and fighting for his community, rather than that man who simply uses Yeovil for his position in Westminster and his massive expenses claims.’

Although Global247news’ avid reader Darren Foxwell claimed the poll would be used in a controversial publication, he has failed to vote so far; Foxwell, who works at Evans Cycles In the town, is known to many as the town internet troll after his numerous snipes on the social media channels has decided to abstain.

Meanwhile, whilst the Labour Party has yet to announce a candidate for election, Labour supporters have accused the Facebook group of being biased towards the Lib Dem party.

The poll, which ends on Sunday, does appear to be a good viewpoint of the feeling in the town.