Adam Dance, Liberal Democrat PPC, responds to the Somerset Council’s Financial Crisis affecting services around Yeovil.

Adam Dance spoke with William Reynolds today from Global247news; Adam, a local resident and Councillor for South Petherton & Iselmoor, said:

” Somerset Council is now being forced to consider previously unthinkable financial cutbacks to try and balance the budget for 2024/25. This results from the lack of adequate funding to local authorities, mainly resulting from the reduction in the proportion of funds received from the central Government.
“In particular, I am concerned by the removal of funding for Yeovil For Families, where I am working with the Gateway to ensure all other funding sources are being explored.
“Similarly, Mudford Recreational Area (Yeovil Recreation Centre) could be forced to close down to save money. This heart-breaking proposal might leave only the café, tennis courts, MUGA (multi-use games area) and playground accessible to the public. But given tremendous local concern, we must find ways to keep this facility operating.
“I am determined to do as much as possible to mitigate the effects of the cuts.  I have not been in politics for thirteen years to see services reduced this way.  I want to do what is right for our local communities and ensure that much-valued organisations like the Mudford Recreational Area and Yeovil for Families are maintained.
“I will leave no stone unturned in helping find alternative sources of support for those local organisations and services under threat.
“I will continue to fight for those of us living in South Somerset, but as a responsible Liberal Democrat-led authority, we need to deliver a balanced budget for this year and the years to come. “
‘The Liberal Democrats are working together to save Somerset Council from bankruptcy by taking decisive action towards a balanced, realistic and future-proofed budget for the County.’
The strong words hit out by Dance, who is standing against the current MP Marcus Fysh at this year’s election, appear to be what residents want to hear; David Davidson, from Larkhill Road in Yeovil, responded:
‘I am backing Adam all the way; he has a fighting spirit and an inspirational love for our area; we have someone who cares and will no doubt change things for the better around our area; the current MP is a joker,’
Whilst building boss David Pinkett, a former supporter of the Tory Party, said: ‘ The Tories won’t be getting my vote this time around, the cutbacks of funding to the area and the freeze on Council tax is what’s left the Council close to going bust, people need to realise that rather than blaming the Council, just look at the current situation under the Conservative regime, it’s cheaper to fly to Poland and get dentist treatment than visit a dentist in Yeovil!’ he exclaimed.