Former No Nonsense Skipper Of Cardiff City Football Club Says The Club Is Now A Circus.

Jason Perry, a Cardiff City fans hero and legend, has cited that the Club has become a circus after being defeated on the weekend by Plymouth Argyle.

The latest manager, Erol Bulut, recently announced he wasn’t happy with many factors at the club. Now, former tough tackling, hardman, and ‘psycho’ Jason Perry has waded into the Welsh Club’s goings-on.

On a BBC radio show, he said:

I’ve been saying it for years: Erol Bulut is finding out what every manager finds out when they step into the hot seat of Cardiff City… it is a circus above you, and there in itself is the problem at Cardiff City, and it will not change,”

“I was working with Rob Phillips at the game when Rob interviewed Vincent Tan. Vincent Tan said he would give the manager money in the January transfer window, play-offs he was talking about.

“I came back with negatives. That does not give me any confidence; I wish he wouldn’t talk; you’ll cause more harm than good.

“January is a difficult time to spend your money. If you spend in January, you’ll pay over the odds. It isn’t a secret.

“If you’re not prepared to do that, you don’t get your players. So if you’re not going to do that, don’t say anything.”

Although, it’s nothing new at Cardiff City Football Club since the Malaysian businessman took over it.

Many managers have come and gone under the same circumstances, whilst successful managers have been sacked after leading the Welsh club into the Premier League.

Malky Mackay was a prime example; he led the club into the Premiership; the team were holding their own in their first season in the Premiership when the Malaysian owner fell out with the Scotsman and sacked him, later delving into farcical personal text messages to avoid paying off the successful manager and attempting to have the fans believe he was correct.

Despite thousands of Cardiff fans chanting at Anfield, ‘ Don’t sack Mackay, ‘ Tan didn’t like that Mackay was getting all the credit for the success, so he terminated his contract.

Whilst the hierarchy thought a big football name in Ole Gunnar solskjær, would appease the vocal supporters of the club, with the Club Chairman Memhet Dalman saying he felt ‘ Like the cat who got the cream – the appointment was a complete disaster, with the Welsh club being relegated back to the Championship.

All this took place after Vincent Tan sold the club’s history down the road by changing the club’s colours from historic blue to what Tan perceived as ‘ lucky red’, and from then on, the circus has continued.

The club eventually turned back to its traditional colours and had a brief successful period when the iconic Neil Warnock took the club back to the Premiership, although relegation soon followed as Warnock then resigned from his position, fed up with the Cardiff hierarchy.

Cardiff fans were warned at the beginning by a small section about how the club would end up under the reign of Tan when the majority of the fan base was waving Malaysian flags and treating him as the coming of the emperor.

As with most football fans, when there is a belief in success through investment and spells of success on the pitch, the blue/red blinkers, in Cardiff’s case, go on, and the vision becomes blurred.

Now it appears the majority agree with their former skipper – clowns run the club, and the Malaysian ownership of the club has destroyed the once traditional Welsh capital club and turned it into a circus.

A traditional football club entirely ruined by a foreign Malaysian takeover, saddled with millions of debt owed to one Malaysian businessman, who, despite claims he would, never turned the debt into equity, the debt he built chasing football success despite not knowing the game or industry. Once telling his goalkeeper he should shoot more.