Storm Isha bashes Somerset but not Adam Dance.

While Storm Isha whips up the rain and high winds across Somerset and other parts of the UK, Adam Dance refuses to let the storm get in his way of assisting the residents in his constituency.

Dance, who is standing at the next election to represent the region as their next MP, is attempting to displace the unpopular current MP, Tory Marcus Fysh, as always, is out in all weathers talking to people as he battles for a better Yeovil.

Unlike many politicians, Dance is popular amonst the regional folk, as he appears to care about his community, often fighting fires that the Tory Government have started.

Dance has recently been fighting for the Yeovil athletics track, which has been threatened with closure, and it appears he has once again been successful.

However, Dance is not resting on his laurels as he continues to fight the elements to deliver for the people, tackling many an obstacle along the way.

Global247news caught up with the local councillor as he pounded the streets, meeting people; when we asked what he was doing out on the roads despite an Amber warning in place, he said:

‘ The issues of the area will not go away if you don’t get out there and talk to people, and that’s what I think my vocation in life was to do; I don’t have ambitions to be in a Government cabinet or anything like that, it’s the local area and the people I care about, I’m not a career politician that’s for sure, I’m the son of a farmer, who attended local school, not Eton’ he smiled.

Before heading off to meet more people, he said,’ I could do with a new coat of mind; this wind’s getting up’ as his leaflets rattled in the high winds.

He then followed: ‘ Hey, you are the lot who reported I had dirty shoes on Remembrance Day. I need to address that: on the way into Town from South Petherton, an old lady had a puncture, and I stopped to change her wheel; I can assure you my shoes were immaculate when I left!’

Residents themselves commented about seeing the popular Dance out in the storm; one resident, June Rosser, said:

‘Now that’s precisely what we want around here, someone like Adam; he reminds me of Paddy Ashdown, who was actually good for the area; that Tory fellow has done nothing at all; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him, actually, Labour I don’t trust, they always get it wrong, and the Green Party are a bit odd.

‘What we have with Adam is someone who will fight the cause for the area’, she finished.