Somerset Council Set To Close Nurseries.

One of the many delights for the residents in Yeovil Somerset is when Yeovil is in bloom, and the town is abundant with flowers.

A walk through the town church yard in the market town centre is a delight for most residents who stand and admire the fantastic floral arrangments. However, it appears it could be coming to an end, as the Council in Somerset is preparing to close nurseries in both Yeovil and Taunton.

As he revealed on his social media platforms, the popular town pub landlord Peter Lamden appears disgusted, he posted.

💔💔💔💔💔. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
PLEASE READ …With permission, I can now make it public that the council may be forced to shut both the Yeovil and taunton nurseries.
I have been advised to tell anyone wishing to make their feelings known on this to contact the Somerset council website!!
I tried this myself…it’s not a simple option..
Instead…you can personally email me and I can forward these on to the relevant people …
(I have permission to do that too!)😊
I for one am absolutely heartbroken.
Those of you that know me , know it’s more than just a job… it became my everything.
In 2023 alone, we are able to reach out and support so many community groups, Charities, schools, care homes, supported living, LGBT groups and welcomed the general public into our little haven to watch the magic as it happened!!
There’s no where else like it..ANYWHERE!!!
most importantly it didn’t matter who you are or what group you came from, we all hoped to make this town beautiful and connected!
The floral displays have been bigger and better than ever before in St John’s churchyard, the quedam, and all down reckleford, also the hundreds of tubs and baskets we grew and made for the surrounding areas,  local businesses and the general public sales.
The awards we received in 2023 were taking us to some incredible places.
To try and contact all the people I’m hoping to reach out to individually is almost impossible,
So .. 😊
I’m asking anyone that wishes to have their say to contact me privately on here and I will ensure it gets forwarded on.
You are welcome to write what you think …
maybe also of the service we provided for you, how we may have supported you and how that affects the local communities.
If you have just visited the nursery and wish to tell them about you experience, this is the time to do it .. 😊
If you have 10 minutes spare … I’d really appreciate it 🥰

Now, residents are requested to contact the council to express their displeasure.

Yeovil in Bloom was initiated and has been funded and managed by the Town Council since 1996.  It was developed to enhance the visual quality of the town and bring the local community together.

The Town’s annual entry into the Britain in Bloom South West competition involved contributions from local businesses, schools, residents, Yeovil Country Park and community groups. The annual displays are designed and maintained by the South Somerset District Council’s Horticultural Service under the direction of the Yeovil in Bloom Steering Group.

All the town’s roundabout displays and a million daffodils attract visitors from all over the South West year after year.

Yeovil won Gold in Britain in the Bloom South West Competition in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. This represented a fantastic effort by the residents of Yeovil, including the shops and companies in the town who sponsor hanging baskets and roundabouts and the residents who enter the Yeovil in Bloom Competition.

The Royal Horticultural Society launched an “It’s your Neighbourhood Scheme” in 2001 to encourage local people to take ownership of their immediate environment. Groups gather to litter pick, create community gardens, tend allotments and orchards, grow and plant floral bedding displays, and hang baskets and fruit and vegetables. They raise money by organising coffee mornings and barbeques. This not only starts to create a feeling of community but also inspires more challenging projects.

Although flowers in Yeovil and Taunton could be a thing of the past if the Council gets its way to close down both nurseries.

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