The Minister of Housing, Isabel Rodríguez, said that she is working with the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Economy and Finance to stop the proliferation of tourist flats.

The reason for this is the tensions in large cities and small towns where residents have problems accessing housing. Rodríguez referred to the need to “guarantee the social function” of housing and explained that she would explore “areas such as the Mortgage Law and taxation”.

Given the problems many tourist areas are suffering from about holiday lets, the minister announced in December 2023 that she was creating a working group to “organise” tourist rentals.

The minister spoke to the press before she met with the mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Collboni, and welcomed the housing work of Barcelona’s government, which has just approved a decree that plans to reduce the number of tourist homes by 28,000. The new law allows town councils to draw up urban plans to determine how many tourist flats they can enable.

In his first six months in office, Mayor Jaume Collboni has been firm on illegal tourist flats (with record fines) and stated his intention to “substantially” reduce the supply in Barcelona. “When we have control, the reduction in the city will be substantial”, said the mayor, who aims to “promote affordable housing by all and any means”.