Even rock stars are at the forefront of the changing times in real estate agencies.

The art of selling your home is changing drastically across the UK for home sellers’ benefit.

Now, even iconic rockstars are selling homes for home sellers, offering better service and lower prices away from the traditional estate agent.

Dane Campbell, the iconic drummer, the son of legendary Phil Cambell, the former lead guitarist of Motorhead until the sad passing of Lemmy Kilmister, is now when not on tour with the family band ‘Phil Campbell And The B@stard sons, an estate agent, becoming famously known as the ‘Rock and Roll Estate Agent’.

The Rock And Roll Estate Agent Dane Campbell

Rocker Dane is banging out property harder than he hits the drum skins as the once-static industry moves forward. The result is that sellers obtain a show-stopping performance in marketing and sales whilst not paying excessive fees to traditional agencies.

The rock and roll agent Dane is a perfect example of how the face of the real estate agent is changing as the world moves forward with technology.

The Guitar Legend Phil Campbell & His Sons

In the larger Cities in the UK and across Europe, estate agency has undoubtedly changed for the better, and it now appears to be spreading across the UK as Dane operates in the South Wales Valleys.

The truth seems to be that traditional estate agents in the UK have been like Funeral Directors. You always need one at some time, but now, clearly, you don’t as the market moves forward in evolving times.

Dane, for example, mixes the art of selling homes with touring with his world-famous rock and roll band across Europe; he operates daily, even on tour, often travelling on his laptop and selling properties between sound checks and shows.

It demonstrates how the art of selling or buying your home is evolving, benefiting the consumer with far fewer costs.

The modern-day sales agent doesn’t require a high street shop or office as long as he or she is accessible to clients and has fantastic marketing; they sell your house for a fraction of the cost.

However, the old-school estate agents based on those high streets as the likes of rock stars rip up the ‘ closed shop’ market are not best pleased as they watch the new-style agents take away profits and business.

Global247news spoke with the lawyer and CEO of another modern-day agency known as The Move Group.

The Move Group, based in Gibraltar, do as it says on the tin; they move stock, including real estate, across Spain, Portugal, France and the UK.

Paul told us:

‘ We do as we say, we move it, we move furniture from China & Vietnam, we move cars across Europe, We move furniture board from Manaymar, and we move real estate; there’s much more we move too – even baby clothes!

‘The days of the traditional estate agent are undoubtedly changing, which will only benefit the home seller as they sell quicker and at a far lower cost to themselves. Let’s be honest: with the UK property prices as they are, you don’t want to be shelling out thousands of your sales proceeds to an agent and lawyer.

‘Naturally, the traditional estate agents don’t like the advances of modern-day sales agents, but the truth is they will left behind over the years as the industry evolves; Dane is a great example. He’s selling homes whilst on tour.

‘Some areas of the UK are reacting quicker than others to the alternative modern-day sales agent, but in time, it will be widespread; in reality, the UK is just catching up with other European countries, for instance, real estate we sell in Spain is a far more modern process and outlook. For example, no exclusive contracts tie a seller to an agency, and the agent who sells gets the deal.

Move Group CEO Paul Mohamed And The Late Lemmy Kilmister Of Motorhead Flying To The States

‘The UK has been behind for years regarding real estate, although the tide is starting to turn. The home seller just needs to wake up to the changes; it’s now like being a football player; you hire an agent to get you the best deal.

‘What the seller should be doing, as well as saving money, is having their agent driving their sale with wideband sales and marketing techniques; at the Move Group, for example, we have our own super sales matrix that works globally.

‘ Times are changing, and those sellers who understand that will save a small fortune away from the costs of the traditional estate agent whilst probably achieving a sale in far quicker time – different locations are currently reacting faster than others, but Dane operating in the Welsh Valleys is a fine example of even tighter communities reacting.

‘ The modern-day agent can spread his business far and wide whilst still operating a better service than the high street agent, although naturally the fear of loss factor kicks in with the High Street Agents, we’ve just started offering our services in the market town of Yeovil, a very tight community of old, all the high street agents there are up in arms, even calling our Chairman, ‘ Stevie Quatro ‘ as he’s always on four wheels, but he loves that, he likes a bit of rock and roll himself as well as a long history with four wheels. Hence, we have a car moving business within our group of companies.’

‘The bottom line wherever you reside, though, is simple: a modern-day agent will save you a considerable amount of money whilst offering far superior marketing and service, gaining a faster sale – It’s that simple an equation.’ Paul finished.

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