Tributes have poured in for teaching legend Robert Betts after it was announced he’s sadly passed away.

It’s been announced that the former teacher at Westfield School in Yeovil Somerset has passed away.

Penny, the loving daughter of Robert Betts, took to social media to announce her father, Robert Betts, had sadly lost his battle with bowel cancer after a courageous fight at the age of 88.

The news deeply saddened former pupils of Westfield School in Yeovil as hundreds of tributes poured in both locally and in various parts of the world.

Nicknamed by his former pupils, ‘Bobby’ former pupils shared school day memories of their former history teacher, and one central theme is he was strict but fair.

Due to his fantastic teaching skills, Robert Betts had many a star pupil, although even school rascals remember him fondly despite his love of discipline.

‘Bobby Betts was a total legend in school, but crikey, he put the fear of god into you at the same time; when it came to his class, you indeed behaved; you would even stand up as he entered the classroom and only sat when he told you too, It was probably the only class I behaved in’ told Georgina Collins.

Whilst former pupil Sue Gollop reminisced how he embarrassed her on one occasion when she told:

‘ He said I was kissing my boyfriend too much at lunchtime; he came across with a broomstick and ordered us to walk up and down through the school holding one end each for the whole lunch hour; as well as being strict, he also had a sense of humour too.’

Another pupil told how, whilst Bobby Betts remained in Yeovil, his name has travelled the world; he said:

‘Bobby Betts’ must have been mentioned in thousands of pubs worldwide. He was such a character, and when I often have a drink and a laugh, the Bobby Betts yarns come up; the best one, though I recall, was with three lads in the year above me, carrying a blood-soaked body across the sportsfield, whilst we were all watching from the classroom, Bobby charged out down the sports field like Linford Christie, only to discover it was fake blood.

‘Shall we say he wasn’t best pleased when he returned to the classroom – we all got double homework!’ he laughed.

Whilst it’s sad news, another pupil summed it up very well; he told Global247news: ‘ Legends never really die; they are remembered for generations, and old Bobby was in that bracket, a name no pupil will ever forget.’

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