A man from Florida faces 20 years behind bars after making ‘inappropriate requests’ to cabin crew on an aircraft.

James Warren Finnister, aged 47, is now being investigated by the FBI for asking flight attendants to join the ‘mile high club’.

The man had downed shots on the Spirit Airlines flight from Louisville, Kentucky, to Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday, January 9. He allegedly grabbed two female flight attendants by the arms before spewing the inappropriate remarks.

Mr Finnister was moved three times on the flight and even laid on the floor.

He was welcomed at Orlando International Airport by the FBI, who he told that he ‘could not remember making the proposition.’

He told a local news station, ‘ I woke up to an FBI agent sitting next to me. I said, ‘What’s up? What did I do?”

He explained: “When I first walked in the plane, I made a joke – I said, ‘This one of those mile-high flights?” before adding that: “They laughed and sat me by the window, [because] it was my first time flying… I was talking to a father and son next to me. We took off, I saw the clouds, and I fell asleep for two hours. I asked about the cockpit, like, is this the cockpit up here? I never been on a plane, I wanted to have a look. And so they took me to jail. The charges are so bogus. It ain’t no charge.”

Although Mr Finnister denies the allegations, the federal prosecution said, ‘Finnister was originally assigned to 18D, but never sat in that seat.’

‘Approximately an hour into the flight, Finnister asked the lead flight attendant if she wanted to join the ‘mile high club.’

‘At the time of this interaction with the lead flight attendant, Finnister was reassigned to 22A, which is a window seat.’

‘During the second interaction with airline personnel, Finnister intentionally grabbed a female aircraft flight attendant when Spirit Airlines Flight 693 was in flight, pulled her into his seat, and asked her if she wanted to join the “mile high club.’

‘In addition to that question, Finnister also asked the flight attendant multiple questions about the aircraft cockpit, which alarmed her, including questions related to entering the cockpit.’

‘Finnister also laid down on the aircraft floor in front of his seat after being moved for a third time by flight attendants due to his disruptive, intimidating behaviours.’

‘The flight attendants were forced to stop service and pick Finnister off the floor.’

Finnister was released on bond on Wednesday, January 10 and has been ordered not to drink alcohol and submit to regular drug testing.