The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) in Spain has announced its latest plans to embrace digital advancements in Spanish vehicle inspections.

2024 marks a significant transition as the DGT discontinues the traditional ITV (Technical Vehicle Inspection) labels that have adorned car windshields in Spain for over 30 years.

On a date yet to be announced, the DGT will formally replace the physical ITV stickers with a digital alternative.

This move is part of a broader initiative to digitalise administrative processes to modernise the system and enhance road authorities’ efficiency during vehicle inspections.

As a substitute for the sticker, the DGT will promote a new application or electronic system through which both authorities and drivers can access the status of the vehicles’ ITV and all relevant information.

This innovation promises administrative convenience and environmental benefits by reducing the costs and impacts associated with producing and distributing physical stickers.

However, the transition to a digital platform has raised concerns among some users about data privacy and security. Some are concerned about their safety since any slight failure in this application could publicly expose drivers’ confidential and personal information.

Some claim that the risk of digital identity theft and impersonation is a serious consideration that the DGT must address to ensure the robustness of its security system against potential cyber threats.

The introduction of this digital system by the DGT marks a significant step in adapting to contemporary technological trends and improving road safety and administrative efficiency. However, these advancements mustn’t compromise user safety and privacy.