Green Party Parliamentary Candidate Serena Wooton slammed for not attending the Ilminster planning meeting.

Serena Wooton, standing for election to become Yeovil’s next MP, has come under fire for not attending a planning meeting regarding new homes in Ilminster. A matter she opposed.

Wooton took to her social media outlets to say:

The news that the Persimmon development in Ilminster has been approved is of concern to many residents.
South Somerset has reached a tipping point where large developments can damage the existing communities. We know the underfunding of infrastructure and services since 2010 are already impacting the lives of families. We are also seeing that our waterways and roads are unable to handle the increases.
The extreme weather events of recent years have causec flooding and planning committees must take into account the knock on effect to villages and towns down stream.
A twenty percent increase in size would stretch the services of any town to breaking point.
Right price, right place? I don’t think so.
Although it’s transpired, despite having a strong opinion against the development, she hadn’t bothered to attend the meeting.
The parliamentary candidate soon came under heavy criticism for not attending the planning meeting by several persons with the same viewpoint, whilst Councillor Oliver Patrick, who was Vice Chair at the meeting, pointed out to the Green Party member,
I sit on the committee that approved this application yesterday. I was the Vice Chair on this occasion. It’s disappointing to see your post. Our area suffers from the effects of the housing crisis and we need to build houses for families to live in. I was pleased to support this application for net zero homes where the developer had responded to concerns about flood risk and had adapted their plans to accommodate this. If you were so concerned you could have attended the planning committee meeting to make your views known and provided your planning reasons for refusal.
Wooton’s lack of attendance was noted by many, whilst they also praised another parliamentary candidate, Lib Dem Adam Dance, for attending and voicing the concerns of residents and environmental issues,
Adam Dance was present at the critical meeting.
Aimi Chivers, who attended the meeting, said: ‘I didn’t see you at the meeting, Serena. But I did see Adam Dance speaking on behalf of many residents.’ to which Wooton has yet to respond or make public why she failed to attend.
Meanwhile, another at the meeting, William Thomas, from Ilminster, told Global247news:
‘ I like Serena and applaud her efforts, but she certainly ‘dropped the ball’ – it’s not what anyone wishes to see from a future possible MP. Let’s face the facts: we need someone strong to represent the community. I believe the Green Party is a wasted vote regarding election time, and this non-show was a perfect example.’


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