Carer Arrested following 90-year-old man murder near Madrid

In September 2023, the serene town of Sotillo de la Adrada, Avila, near Madrid, was rocked by the disappearance of a 90-year-old man. His fate remained a mystery until Guardia Civil officers unearthed the chilling details.

The investigation, code-named ‘Operation Dolomia,’ escalated quickly when the victim was found in a drum, concealed with lime, inside his carer’s car.

The carer, caught attempting to hide the body on a farm, confessed to strangling the older man with a seat belt following an argument. ‘I was returning from the hospital with him, and it escalated,’ he admitted.

His wife, also implicated, initially claimed the older man began to feel unwell and passed away naturally in the car. She later confessed her role in concealing the crime, helping move the body to avoid detection.

However, the Guardia Civil’s investigation revealed a darker motive. Searching the carers home in San Martin de Valdeiglesias led to the discovery of over €64,000 in cash. This money, it appeared, was siphoned from the victim’s bank accounts after his death.

The depth of deception was profound. The couple had access to all the older man’s financial resources, exploiting his lack of close family or friends.

According to the report, ‘they had purchased two vehicles with the old man’s money and even convinced him to put a property he owned in [the suspect’s] name.’ In total, the fraud cost around €500,000.

The breakthrough came when agents located the suspect near Zarramudo de Sotillo de la Adrada. A detailed examination of a wooden box in his vehicle unveiled the horrific truth – the older man’s body, unidentifiable and shrouded in lime. A post-mortem was conducted to confirm his identity and cause of death.

The carer was promptly arrested and now faces charges of homicide. The investigation, led by the Guardia Civil’s Judicial Police and Criminalistics Laboratory in Avila, with support from local teams, demonstrated the team’s meticulous detective work.