Property Sellers Delighted As The Move Group Advance Into Yeovil.

Selling your property in Yeovil is about to become far more economical as the Move Group advances into the area as ‘ Move Yeovil’.

The group is responsible for billions of pounds of global sales transactions. It will commence trading in Yeovil and its surrounding areas on January 15th, bringing many benefits to residents who wish to sell their property.

Known in the sales arena as ‘Super Agents’ globally, local property sellers can use their mass expertise to sell their homes while simultaneously saving thousands of pounds in traditional estate agents’ costs.

The global business operation in many fields, including Real Estate, based at the World Trade Center in Gibraltar, has delighted residents of Yeovil by selecting the Somerset market town as its next target area.

‘It’s fantastic for Yeovil, as the Move Group promotes the area globally; whilst we can now use their cost-saving services to market our properties, selling your property is so expensive these days via traditional estate agents, buying and selling property costs continue to rise, and so agents ‘cuts’ go higher at the same time, this will be a welcome relief locally’ said Yeovil resident Scott Whitmore, who is currently looking to move across town.

Meanwhile, Parliamentary candidate and local councillor Adam Dance told Global247news how the town, in general, should benefit.


Dance said: ‘ I first came across the Move Group in Spain eight years ago on a visit to Fuengirola; they will be a great asset to Yeovil.  Experts in their field and will heavily promote Yeovil globally, encouraging people to move to our town. This can only be a positive for the local economy in general. At the same time, it seems, offering special rates for our region that will save property movers costs,  I think it’s fantastic news.’

Global247news today called Paul Mohamed, the CEO of the Move Group, to find out what Yeovil can expect from Monday; the lawyer told us:

‘ We are delighted to be advancing into Yeovil; It has been on the list for a while. Our Chairman grew up in the town until he was 17 and has always said the residents of Yeovil deserve our services and cost savings.

‘So we launch Monday, followed by Sherborne, Taunton, Dorchester and Exeter.

‘ Our sales formula will fully benefit the local real estate market and those wishing to sell whilst promoting Yeovil globally.’

‘We do things far differently from your traditional estate agent, far superior, whilst our dynamic services sell your home faster at a far lower cost’, he added.

We asked Paul in regards to cost benefits for residents, and he told us:

‘ Whilst we offer far more, we can charge far less due to our business volumes globally.

‘You get more for less; for example, our Chairman has instructed that on properties we market in Yeovil, we shall only charge a flat fee of 0.85%. As well as that, we pay all the client’s legal fees for conveyancing on sales, over 300k and finally, as we are a Gibraltar-registered business, we don’t charge any VAT, which saves the client a further 20%.

CEO Paul Mohamed & David Beckham Flying To Hong Kong Recently For A Promotion

‘Although it’s not all about our exceptional fees, the clients see their property individually promoted like they have never seen before, six steps ahead of any average estate agent in the marketplace.

‘On Monday, we will offer a 0.5% agency fee for the first ten clients that come forward for listings. Our sales matrix gets your property sold and is one of the world’s finest that has seen us move billions of pounds of stock,’ he further added.

The Move Group, who clearly, have has acted for many of the world’s rich and famous in Real Estate Sales And acquisitions, now turn their focus to Yeovil, although Paul said when questioned:

‘Every client is equal, treated as a VIP, whoever you are, and we look forward to assisting Yeovil residents fully; I’m looking forward to it.’ he finished.