Criminals In Somerset could be presented with an early New Year gift as Somerset Council prepares to turn off CCTV in Somerset as they can’t afford it.

Incredibly, turning off CCTV is one of the proposals unveiled by Somerset Council to stop the local authority from going effectively bankrupt.

Council Leader Bill Revans said the cuts are “heartbreaking” but necessary to save £100m.

 Liberal Democrat Mr Revans admitted stopping the council’s CCTV service would make the county a less safe place to live, whilst criminals in Yeovil are rubbing their hands in glee.

A former convicted car thief informed Global247news today that car theft will be much easier for current car thieves.

He said without CCTV in town, car theft from the town centre would rise, and car parks with no CCTV would be like honey in a pot with no lid to a bear.

‘Listen, with Yeovil not far from crossings to France, serious car thieves who work for organised gangs will cars away into Europe in the blink of an eye; these boys aren’t joy riders; these are professional outfits, offering them no CCTV will be like giving a bear a pot of honey with no lid’ he claimed.

He further went on to say that these gangs, target areas, and areas with no CCTV will be targeted.

‘ Yeovil will be a huge target for sure. No CCTV, small local police force, easy access to the coast and ferry crossings, makes the perfect ingredient’, he followed with.

According to Daniel Hughes, a supercar insurance broker, insurance premiums will rise for the average motorist in areas without CCTV.

‘ One of the first things insurance companies rate an area for is CCTV; an area with no coverage is always far more expensive to the motorist.’ he told Global247news this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the CEO of the Move Group, which will shortly add Yeovil to its portfolio, said it would be a disaster for the area’s businesses. The council should encourage companies and new residents to come to Yeovil, who will fuel the local economy, not deter them by making the area less safe.’



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