Ukrainian Refugees Say Their Embassy In London Is A Shambles.

Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees who have fled the war, as their country is under attack from Russia, have been turned away from the Ukrainian Embassy in Kensington, London, despite having waited for up to 12 months for an appointment.

Constantly being Turned Away

As those with booked appointments, travelling many miles from all over the UK, get to the Embassy, they find out. They are informed the Embassy has overbooked appointment times and turn them away, with no consideration for how far they have travelled and total disregard for the costs of travelling to London.

They are not even allowed to enter the Embassy but are left outside on the steps and pavement in the cold temperatures, with no apology or explanations.

After receiving complaints, Global247news went along to see what was going on at the Ukrainian Embassy and was shocked concerning the treatment of their people.

We discovered young girls who had appointments for visas and passport renewals in floods of tears as a brutal Embassy worker told them they didn’t now have an appointment and would have to re-apply, having already waited seven months for the appointment. When the young ladies asked for an explanation, the door was slammed hard in their faces.


We also came across a 75-year-old pensioner; he had been waiting eight months to get a renewed passport; as he turned up for his appointment, he was told very abruptly to go away before again having the door slammed shut on him.

He had travelled from Cornwall and was left distraught at the behaviour of the Embassy staff.

In one and a half hours, we witnessed over 40 persons turned away for no reason and told to return to the Embassy website as they no longer had appointments due to overbookings.

Global247news spoke with the rude Embassy staff member, who said:

No Entry, Says Very Rude Embassy Officer.

‘These people have had their appointments cancelled by us. We have overbooked appointments, so they are cancelled. They need to go away and return to the website; they were sent a notification, goodbye’ before again slamming the door closed.

The pensioner from Cornwall received his message 5 minutes before his scheduled appointment.

No updates are yet on the aforementioned Website.

The pensioner said: ‘It’s a complete shambles but typical of our Government, sadly,’ ‘Sadly, our country is very corrupt, he added, and this is how you get treated if you are a normal person’ before he set back off to Paddington for a 7-hour trip back to Penzance.

Finally, out of over 40 people turned away, there was some happiness as one couple were allowed access to arrange their marriage papers.