Yeovil Town Football Club Director Mark Robinson Terminated From Position

Mark Robinson, who was only appointed as a director of Yeovil Town Football Club at the start of the season, has been terminated.

Robinson was part of a new boardroom formed by controversial owner Martin Hellier and lawyer Rhys Rosser.

At the time, Hellier was praised as the then-commercial manager and offered Robinson a directorship. Still, after half a season, he was terminated despite being praised often for bringing in lots of sponsorship to the club during that period.

A club insider told Global247news of a hostile atmosphere within the commercial department at the last home game against Bath City.

He said: ‘ It was all kicking off. There had been disagreements, and Mark was well cheesed off; his mood rippled through the commercial department, including the ticket office and the club shop. He didn’t say what, but he was angry at something; the termination now explains it.’

Meanwhile, fans in the club shop have said the club shop manager was under severe pressure, adding up numbers. One fan who was present after the game, purchasing a shirt, said:

‘I was stood at the counter, and what looked like the manager was frantically banging numbers into his calculator. He said, ‘Sorry I can’t serve you -I have to do this.’ I replied, ‘One of those days is it’, to which he replied, ‘ You wouldn’t believe it’ and was very stressed.’

The club has yet to make a statement about the termination of the club director.

Although some feel there was a clash with the club chairman, Martin Hellier, ‘ Hellier was ranting and raving all day – he started shouting at a fan and his son at half time, they had a confrontation, all the commercial staff were on edge, and then later Hellier was filmed brawling in the Bell Inn as he assaulted a customer of the pub.’ said one supporter.

Yeovil Town are a full-time outfit playing in the National League South Division, mainly made up of part-time clubs. The club was saddled with debt, left by previous owner Scott Priestnall; despite the historical obligations, the club had made popular significant signings this season, which has seen Mark Cooper, the club manager, given from the boardroom what he wishes as the club are currently ten points clear at the top of the division, although the cost of doing so appears to be having an internal financial effect causing pressure, that has seen Robinson terminated.