After a long, hot summer and many months of drought, the much-needed rain has finally come to many parts of Spain.

However, some residents of the Manilva area in the Malaga province may not be feeling so grateful right now, as the phrase ‘when it rains, it pours’ will feel quite relatable to these folk.

Since the early hours of the morning on January 9, a raging storm has filled the Manilva/Casares skies with dark clouds and thunder, letting down hours of torrential rain onto the ground below. Many garages have begun to flood, with power cuts also being experienced in some households. Drivers have been advised to take caution, as a number of small accidents have been reported in the area due to the low visibility and slippery roads.

The storm is predicted to be over before nightfall, and although a temporary inconvenience, this long awaited rain should in fact be rejoiced in. During 2023, Spain experienced one of its most severe droughts, the ninth most expensive climate disaster in the world per capita in 2023, it cost €45.5 per Spaniard.

This welcomed relief will hopefully see further Spanish showers grace the land, aiding the nation’s desperate bid to combat this disastrous drought that has choked its soil during 2023.