On November 14, a distressing discovery was made in La Parrilla in which eight newborn puppies were discovered abandoned in a container.

The case in question involves eight puppies that were found in a container. The incident happened in La Parrilla, Valladolid, which prompted an investigation by the Guardia Civil.

A resident was walking his dog when he heard their cries and found them trapped inside a plastic bag. Tragically, three of the puppies had already died.

According to the police report: ‘The neighbour decided to take the remaining five to provide them with veterinary care. However, due to their condition, they ended up dying without anything being able to be done for them.’

Following a report at the Tudela de Duero Guardia Civil Post, the Seprona unit conducted a meticulous investigation.

They consulted the SIACYL database from the Department of Agriculture and Livestock of the General Directorate of Agricultural Production. This narrowed the search to a few potential mothers whose profiles matched the puppies.

Advanced DNA tests were conducted on these possible mothers. The aim was to establish a maternal link between them and the abandoned puppies, who were also subjected to DNA analysis.

The breakthrough came when the DNA results revealed a match. The Guardia Civil charged the dog owner whose genetic profile corresponded with the abandoned puppies.

The individual faces allegations of animal abuse. This innovative approach by the Guardia Civil highlights how vital animal welfare has become and the lengths authorities will go to ensure justice for all creatures.