Yeovil Town FC New Chairman Martin Hellier In Fracas With Yeovil Supporters

Yeovil Town Chairman Martin Hellier Is Set To Be Investigated By The Football Association, which could lead to the disqualification of being an officer of the club.

The current Yeovil Town Chairman, Martin Hellier, has been set to be investigated by the FA since the start of the season after his controversial tenure.

Whilst on-field matters are going well for the West Country football club, off-field incidents have gone from bad to worse under the ownership of Martin Hellier, with his latest outburst being a violent attack on a club supporter in a public house.

Rule E3.1 states: “A Participant shall at all times act in the best interests of the game and shall not act in any manner which is improper or brings the game into disrepute or use any one, or a combination of, violent conduct, serious foul play, threatening abusive, indecent or insulting words or behaviour.”

The ruling applies not only to players alone but also to club directors.

A Participant must immediately report to the FA any incident or matters which may constitute Misconduct, including those of a potential or actual breach of the FA’s Safeguarding Children Regulations and/or Adults at Risk Regulations (Rule E14.1)

Yeovil Town FC now have three days to report to the FA the actions of Martin Hellier.

The regulations continue:

The FA may issue an interim suspension order to a Participant of the above for such period and on such terms and conditions as it sees fit, where:-

the Participant has been charged by the FA, the Premier League, the EFL, National League, UEFA or FIFA in relation to any alleged act of Misconduct, or with any criminal offence (Rule E16.4.1);

The FA, the PFA (where the player is a member), and the relevant league have each agreed to the interim suspension order (Rule E16.4.2).

It’s unknown at present if the victim of Hellier’s violent attack has pressed for criminal charges.

The football league has also extended the list of criminal offences resulting in disqualification, including offences involving violence, corruption, fraud, tax evasion, and hate crimes.

Considering the violence that took place, it’s possible Hellier could be disqualified as an officer of the club, with violence being a disqualification strong category.

Away from the public house attack, Hellier has also been reported to the FA for abusive behaviour to both other club owners and former members of staff as he removed them from the club.

Sam Collard, who the BBC now employs, was bullied and harassed by Hellier over the Christmas period. It’s understood that a complaint concerning the matter has been lodged with the FA.

Meanwhile, other football club owners have reported to the FA threats by Hellier.

Abuse towards the club’s supporters is also reported to be under the periscope of the Football Association; many of those supporters are now barred from attending Huish Park by Hellier.

Furthermore, there is now a complaint being prepared regarding the safeguarding of children at Huish Park, where Hellier is alleged to have confronted a Father with his eight-year-old child.

According to Sports Lawyer Paul Mohamed, the current Yeovil Chairman, Hellier could be in deep hot water with the FA.

He told Global247news tonight:

‘ It doesn’t look good at all; the FA are clamping down hard too at present, quite rightly; I would imagine Hellier has already had a warning from the FA after the incidents with other club owners’ complaints, with these new instances, it’s likely the FA will take strong action, and disqualification is possible, especially where violence is involved. Naturally, it’s up to the FA to investigate the complaint file.’

The club has three days to inform the FA of the breaches of league rules according to the regulations or face club sanctions.

In the meantime, no statements have come out from the Club in regard to Hellier’s latest actions, with the Chairman once again removing himself from Social Media.

The club today were busy promoting ‘positive news’ on an hourly basis in a possible attempt to defuse the seriousness of the latest events in Somerset.