Out Of Control Yeovil Town Football Club Chairman Martin Hellier Attacks Fan In Public House.

Martin Hellier, the current chairman of Yeovil Town Football Club, after leaving the ground yesterday after already being fuelled up on drink and possibly drugs, attacked a fan in a bar.

The event happened after earlier in the day when he banned an 8-year-old and his Father, as previously reported. Although on that occasion, whilst being abusive and aggressive – he backed down when the father stood up to his aggression, although Hellier used his powers to ban the pair from the ground.

Hellier ‘fuelled’ up and went to the Bell Inn on Preston Road, a family pub advertised under the Hungry Horse brand by Greene King, where he decided to attack a fan of the club.

The footage was shared this morning on Twitter/X, where the club chairman is seen brawling on the floor with the supporter before being dragged off and marched out of the public house.

A female eyewitness says, ‘It’s the one in grey honey that needs to go’. Directed at Martin Hellier.

Other eyewitnesses at the Bell Inn told Global247news how the club chairman arrived, drunk and fuelled up, looking for a fight.

‘ You could see he was always going to cause trouble as he was spoiling for a fight; he just needed to find a victim, smaller than him, which it appeared.

‘It could have been because his ego was bruised after backing down earlier in an altercation at the ground which he initiated.

He was looking for a victim as soon as he strutted in.’

Another witness said, ‘ It was a case of his small man syndrome – he struts around as the big I am, seeking weaker opposition; on this occasion, he found one.

‘ He needs to get a grip of himself, but I feel it’s too late; on the terraces, everyone talks about him having an addiction to whisky and cocaine use – this episode proves it even further, I feel’

Whilst another said: ‘It’s typical of the jumped up pr@ck, he walks around in Peaky Blinder clothing thinking he’s a gangster, his ego was bad enough previously, but since he became the Chairman of the football club, he’s got far worse, he needs to realise he’s the Chairman of a significantly lower league football club, playing in a part-time club league, he’s a nobody in the game in reality, it’s a clear cut case of a fat minnow in a puddle, but in his warped mind he thinks opposite, ‘

Loyal fans of the club, some of whom also have been banned by the power-hungry chairman for voicing their concerns over his previous behaviour, took to Twitter to state:

‘He never learns, does he?’

It appears he hasn’t learnt at all and is unlikely to change as what Hellier calls himself the leader of a community club whilst telling the world it’s ‘his club’

While the full-time Yeovil Town FC are ten points clear in a mainly part-time league, its minor success is again marred by the behaviour of the current club chairman, who made a complete fool of himself yet again.