Martin Hellier Yeovil Town Chairman Bans 8-Year-Old From Ground.

Martin Hellier, the current Chairman of Yeovil Football Club, has banned an 8-year-old from Huish Park.

Hellier, who took over the club at the start of the season, today marched around behind Thatcher’s stand with his juvenile entourage before calling out a supporter of the club since the 1970s era who was with his adopted son from the Ukraine.

The elder fan of the club told Global247news:

‘ We were in the Bamfords stand on this occasion; at half time, we went for a hot dog; as we were heading back from the Thatchers End to gate 4, I heard someone call me out by name with abuse, I turned around and confronted him to discover it was the club chairman, Martin Hellier.

‘ Hellier, feeling brave with his little hoodie-dressed entourage, got aggressive as he fired amounts of abuse towards me in front of my eight-year-old.

‘ I quickly noticed he had white nostrils and prepared to fight; he was that aggressive, but when I said,’ Come on then’, he backed down before saying ‘ ‘ You two enjoy your last game – you’re both banned from MY club.’

‘I’ve known him a long time; he was the potman at the Arrow pub when I and the workforce drank there before he made a few quid out of sex lines on the internet.

‘ For some reason, he has an issue with me after he called me a ‘prick’ previously, despite helping him previously.

‘ He quickly bottled my offer, but to behave like that in front of an 8-year-old is disgusting

Controversial Hellier banned eight year old

ironically, when I was with my old pals on Boxing Day – he never said a word.


‘Martins’s problem since making a few quid is drink, drugs, and his ego; he thinks he’s the big man now owning a small football club in the National League South.

‘ In fact, it wasn’t long ago he was contemplating suicide, but thankfully he pulled himself through. His behaviour is still not under control; he is a hot-headed control freak, and to ban an 8-year-old who enjoys football is just pathetic.

‘ It’s all about him and his ego; nothing else matters; he doesn’t frighten me if he wants a fight; he can have one anytime, any place, but not when my eight-year-old is with me.’

‘ We took our seats for the second half and ignored the fool, to be honest, but we won’t be going back  – as Hellier will no doubt instruct his muppets,’ he finished.

It’s not the first time controversy has followed Hellier, with many supporters of the club being banned for no reason whilst Hellier’s social media antics have been far less than desired.

It’s also understood that an FA investigation will commence on Martin Hellier’s behaviour and treatment of several lifelong supporters who have been barred from the club under his dictatorship.