A distressed resident in Yeovil says there’s a vast difference between Parliamentary Candidate Adam Dance and the current local MP Marcus Fysh.

An embarrassed resident in the town of Yeovil had to take to a popular Yeovil Facebook page for assistance. She was desperate for a food parcel for the first time in her life.

The disabled mother of four, one autistic who for years has been very frugal and careful with finances, found herself with no money left and no food after a non-extravagant Christmas.

The distraught mother posted on the Facebook group, ‘ Yeovil News Views And Opinions:

Anyone know how to get hold of a food parcel? I have left a message with Citizens Advice and other professionals; I’m just panicking as nearly totally out and won’t get paid until Monday; please, no negative comments; I already feel like the worst mother ever.’

The first to reply was local councillor Adam Dance, who is standing for election in the next general election.

He suggested contacting the Gateway.

Although Yeovil resident, the well thought of Toni Montacute, pointed out that you need a referral before receiving a food parcel.

Despite not having a referral, Adam Dance jumped to the rescue. He contacted the authorities to arrange a food parcel and a £30 food voucher for Tesco via a local business, MoveYeovil.Agency that is preparing to launch in the town.

On top of that, Adam delivered it himself to ensure the family were looked after over the weekend.

The now not-so-distraught mother took to Facebook to tell everyone about her delight after Dance’s actions.

Shevonne Fitzpatrick, the Facebook group leader, was the first to congratulate the mother and inform her never to feel embarrassed.

Global247news contacted Adam Dance today after reading about his work and kindness,

Dance said: ‘ It was nothing I like to help people, and the lovely woman needed some assistance, it was as simple as that, we met when I delivered the food parcel. She is a lovely woman with lovely children, and I was delighted to be able to assist and help her with her plight,’

Despite Dance’s modesty, We also spoke to Paul Mohamed of Moveyeovil.agency, who told us:

Paul Mohamed Of Moveyeovil.agency was pleased to assist with Adam Dance’s call.

‘Adam quickly called us and asked if we could assist, and I arranged a £30 Tesco Gift Voucher for her. Adam is a total credit to the Yeovil community, a very caring young man indeed; he wishes to be a community MP and wants the best for where he lives; we wish him all the best regarding the election. I feel the town needs someone like him rather than Marcus Fysh, who, from what I understand, hasn’t done much for the area. With our Move Group shortly advancing into Yeovil, it was the least we could do, especially as it’s our Chairman’s home town.’

Fysh unpopular Yeovil MP

Meanwhile, town resident Maria Brown, who followed the events, said: This is precisely why I will vote for Adam. He cares about the area and its people, unlike Marcus Fysh; you’re lucky even to get a reply from him; it’s a huge difference.