A British Airways steward dropped dead right in front of passengers. 


The man, aged 52, was working on the flight that was bound from London Heathrow on December 30, preparing for take off for the 15-hour trip to Hong Kong. Just moments before the pushback, he collapsed on the floor in front of the horrified passengers.

The captain immediately issued a plea for medical assistance, and a passenger on the flight quickly began to administer first aid.

The police and emergency services arrived at the scene, but the steward was unfortunately pronounced dead just minutes later.

In an issued statement, the London Ambulance Service explained that: ‘Sadly, despite the best efforts of our crews, a patient was pronounced dead at the scene.’

A source close to the deceased described him as a family man and explained that everyone who knew him was devastated and shocked by what had happened. It was believed that he had no reported underlying health issues.

The BA flight was delayed overnight after the tragic incident, and passengers were booked into hotels. The next day, a different aeroplane, captain and crew took them to their destination.

A BA spokesperson said: ‘Our thoughts are with our colleagues’ friends and family at this sorrowful time.’