Police Support As Missing Man’s Mother Criticizes South Wales Police

Whilst the family of a missing man seen entering the River Taff have criticized the police search and allege the 23-year-old was being “chased” by officers before he entered the water at Pontypridd. Joshua Shaw was last seen after 6 pm on Wednesday, December 27; the Welsh public appears to be supporting South Wales Police, saying they are not to blame.

A week after he disappeared, Mr Shaw’s family have now criticized South Wales Police search efforts and say officers were pursuing him in the moments before the incident. The force maintains that the search for the missing man is ongoing and has confirmed that officers did witness him enter the river

.Leanne Davies, Mr Shaw’s mother and who also has three other sons, has said she has felt unsupported by police while search efforts continue. She Told Wales On-Line:

“It is stressful. We haven’t been told anything. We were out searching from Pontypridd down to Cardiff yesterday, and apparently, the police phoned me when I was out and said there were officers in Cardiff searching. Still, we haven’t seen any officers since he’s gone missing.’

The comments have angered many residents across Wales despite their sympathy for the mother.

‘As a mother, it must be awful, and she is no doubt distressed and upset, but it’s not the Police fault he jumped into a river in full flood.

‘The Police don’t chase you for no reason, and if you haven’t done anything wrong, why run? Let alone jump in a river in a blatant attempt to escape.’ said Gareth Williams from Nantgarw.

Mary Lewis, who resides alongside the River Taff, said: ‘They play the blame game; the Police were just doing their job. If they don’t chase criminals, they get blamed, and now if they chase, they get blamed as well; they are in a no-win position here; let’s face the facts: the officers weren’t to know the man would jump in the river, the man chose to jump instead of giving himself to the police – it was a crazy thing to do, but that was his choice at the end of the day, yes its an unfortunate situation, of course, it is, but to blame the police is in my book wrong.’

The South Wales Police have now focused on searching for a body in Cardiff, where the River Taff flows to Cardiff Bay.