In political terms, a perfect storm is brewing in the Yeovil Constituency, says the Green Party.

Tim Eggins says:

‘This is when unique circumstances lead to a situation where a significant shift in politics can occur. Yeovil is influenced the same as every other Parliamentary seat by the national picture; there is no need to remind you of the government’s present position and its popularity.
Now, the local situation is where it all gets interesting.
Our present MP has been in the position since 2015. The public has been able to judge him on his abilities and work ethic, and for many, he has come up short on all aspects of his role.
Traditionally, here, the Liberal Democrats would be the next option for a representative. Still, they are lurching from disaster to controversy across the area that was South Somerset and at a County Level. Lacking vision, commitment and credibility, with traders struggling on the high street while the public is being told that they are being supported, projects have been implemented with painfully slow progress to the detriment of the communities; people feel like they are not being listened to and the Liberal Democrats are at the helm of the Somerset Council which is likely to go bankrupt at some point this year.
The focus then falls on the Green Party, with Serena Wootton selected as the Green Party’s Parliamentary Candidate. She has previously stated she aimed to increase the 6205 votes gained in the Unitary Elections of 2022 and to secure a vote share sufficient to displace Marcus Fysh. Should this happen, it will be a massive disaster for the Conservative party, which is banking on Mr Fysh to keep his seat as he won with such a significant majority in 2019.
Serena says her campaign so far has been a whirlwind, receiving dozens of calls and messages daily, with support coming to her from all other parties and from first-time voters, young families and older folk choosing to turn their backs on those who have failed them. You cannot blame them; it was the actions or inactions of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats that put us all in the situation we are in.
Following her news outlets, she has held surgeries in Yeovil, Crewkerne, South Petherton, Ilminster and Chard, along with chatting to residents on the doorsteps; these direct contacts have confirmed that support is not only collapsing for the Old Guard but are reinforcing the Green option.
All parties now claim that they are on the rise, but the migration of voters away from the traditional parties will make the coming election a result to watch out for. ‘