Japan Airbus Involved In Air Traffic Control Error

Air traffic control error in Toyko is blamed for a collision between a Japan Airlines Airbus and a smaller plane operated by the country’s coast guard.

Miraculously, only five people died, as exclusively reported first today by Global247news.

The survivor is the flight Captain of the Coastguard Aircraft. He’s announced as injured at present.

All five were part of a six-man crew on the coastguard aircraft.

According to eyewitnesses, the coastguard aircraft struck the left side of the Airbus, near the plane’s engine and fuel tank, which caused the Airbus to explode on landing.

Now, reports are coming from the airport that an error by Air traffic control is likely to blame for the collision. Initial reports indicate the coastguard plane was taking off on the same runway the Airbus was landing, positioned wrongly by Air Traffic Control.

Air crash investigators are currently interviewing all those in the control tower. It’s also reported controllers looked distraught as they left the building, with some in tears.

Amazingly, 379 passengers on the Airbus evacuated to safety as the Airbus burnt heavily on the runway.