The Green Party Accuses Lib Dems Of Vote Rigging  In Online Poll.

The gloves appear to be off in the race to be the next MP for Yeovil as the Green Party has accused Lib Dems of ‘vote rigging’ on an online social media poll.

As reported yesterday, Adam Dance led an online poll when members of a large Yeovil Facebook group who they would vote for in the next general election.

Dance received 54% of the Vote, with Serena Wooton of the Green Party coming second with 33% of the vote, whilst current Tory MP Marcus Fysh only registered 4%.


Whilst the poll appeared to be a little bit of fun on the Facebook Group, ‘ Yeovil Real News And Share Yor Views’  to gain interest in who would win to become the next local MP, a scathing attack on Dance from the Green Party has entered the equation.

Eggins takes the gloves off as he accuses Dance

Tim Eggins of the Green Party took to social media to lay into Adam Dance, saying:

‘Although this was just an online poll, it was sad that one candidate voted for himself twice. This says a lot for his honesty, while other Councillors from his party outside the area also voted multiple times. No wonder some people are disillusioned with politics or at least some of the parties.’

Eggins further added:

‘ In this case, it was down to the honesty of the people voting, and sadly, one party and one candidate failed dismally. #winatallcosts’

Adam Dance Attacked By The Green Party Over Facebook Poll

A watching Global247news reader emailed, ‘ Have you seen this?? – This campaign will turn spicy as we head to the next election; I didn’t think the Green Party had it in them. Serena looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, although the party campaigners don’t look a soft touch at all.’

It will undoubtedly be an interesting few months as the candidates head to head. Although Lisa Goulding of Henford Hill in the town said:

‘They need to stick to their agendas and the serious business of the issues of the constituency; arguing over a little Facebook Group Poll between the members of the group seems very, very trivial when Yeovil Town especially is a complete mess; you can’t even get an ambulance or a letter delivered, but one party seems more focused on a Facebook Poll by those interested in local politics. Let’s hope it doesn’t become an embarrassing mud-slinging campaign.’

Global247news contacted Adam Dance tonight before publication; he said:

‘Sorry I haven’t seen the comments; I’ve been talking tonight about the state of roads in Somerset; a few people contacted me today on the subject of potholes, and I have focused on assisting them, although I will say I haven’t asked anyone to vote for me on any Facebook group poll, from what I understand it was a poll for all members of the group, I have no control whatsoever of any Facebook Group or its membership.  I think it is fear of loss that they attack me; I will continue to focus on the people of the constituency and winning an election fair and square without puerile back biting’