Dorset Pot Hole Claims At Least 25 Victims In One Morning.

A lethal pothole between Milborne Port & Sherborne this morning took out at least 25 drivers suffering at least one blowout, with many suffering two.

The massive pothole near Hunts Accountants caused thousands of pounds of damage as tyres blew out after drivers thought it was just a puddle.

Now, Dorset Council are facing footing the bill after its road caused horrendous damage.

Drivers who hit the pothole are advised to take photos and send them to the Dorset Council to be reimbursed for new tyres.

It’s understood the Council have sent workers out to inspect the pothole, although it’s unclear at this stage if the gaping, deep hole is fully repaired, causing concern to drivers.

Drivers are also advised to check their shock absorbers, which could be damaged.

One driver who hit the hole and lost two tyres told Global247news:

‘ What a great start to the New Year; there’s no driver blame here; it just looks like a small puddle; I’ve had to fork out just under £500 for two new high-performance tyres and replaced them before Christmas, too.

Dorset Council’s roads are shocking at the best of times; no doubt they will give it a quick fix, and it will be back soon.’

The road is notorious for HGV vehicles and car transporters heading to nearby Henstridge.

Many residents in the area want the road restricted, and no doubt this latest incident will fuel a campaign for restriction.