MP Marcus Fysh Time Looks Up In 2024 As Yeovil Looks For Change.

With the general election nearing each day in the UK, Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh looks a likely Tory to lose his seat in Somerset.

A recent poll in the Somerset market town has seen Australian-born Fysh battered, collecting only 4% of support.

Only 4% of support in the poll

It appears whilst the town is currently under a refresh programme, the residents of Yeovil also want a refresh for their member of parliament.

Fysh appears ‘dead in the water’ after hitting the headlines constantly during his terms as MP for the area.

Dance is well known in the local region for being a caring young man focused on his home region. The son of a farmer is up for the challenge of restoring Yeovil and the surrounding areas to its former glory.
54% support for Adam Dance
Dance has publicly stated he feels it is a two-horse race at the election between himself and the unpopular current MP.
However, when you talk to residents, Wooton seems determined to gain the seat, with many backing the favoured candidate.
Slippery Fish’, a total outsider, gained just 2% less than the current MP.