MAJOR celebrations, such as seeing in the new year, are often marked with fireworks. However, one council in Malaga has decided to issue a ban on their use to protect the vulnerable and pets.

Recently, the Mayor of Torremolinos, Margarita del Cid, reaffirmed a local ordinance. This legislation aims explicitly to protect young children with autism spectrum disorder, infants, elderly individuals, and pets from the noise and hazards associated with pyrotechnic items.

The decree underlines the need to maintain a peaceful and safe urban environment. It emphasizes the importance of tranquillity for children with autism, babies, and older people.

The policy is also extended to include the well-being of pets and the general populace, including visitors.

An official statement announced, ‘Unless expressly authorized by the City Council, it is prohibited to carry lit fuses and shoot firecrackers, rockets and all types of pyrotechnic articles that may produce noise or fire.’

The ruling has gone down well with many residents who voiced their approval on Facebook: ‘Excellent, thank you very much,’ said one. Another put, ‘Ole Torremolinos.’

Another posted: ‘I think it’s a fabulous initiative, and those who want to have fun should look for another distraction that doesn’t scare children, the elderly or people with autism, or kill animals, as there are many ways to have fun while also showing solidarity with those who suffer.’

However, another person thought the decision was too strict: ‘It doesn’t seem right. Fireworks at the end of the year have been a tradition throughout life and worldwide. I would limit it, for example, from 11:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.’

In line with the municipal ordinance of the Regulation of Pyrotechnic Articles and Cartridges, violations of this law carry serious consequences.

Offenders face financial penalties and the confiscation of the offending materials. Moreover, businesses found in breach may face the suspension of activities or even closure.

The article further states, ‘The suspension of the activity or the closure of the establishment is also contemplated, in addition to the provisions of the Circular of November 25, 2014, of the Delegation of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía.’ The local police have been tasked with ensuring adherence to these regulations.

This approach by the Torremolinos City Council reflects a growing global awareness of the need to balance traditional celebrations with the well-being of all community members, especially the vulnerable and voiceless.